What is Adempiere ERP Solution?

Our solution is based on the international ADempiere ERP system; integrated business management application designed and architected for meet any businesses requirements to be a unified.

As opposed to traditional ERP software, ADempiere is designed around business processes and transactions rather than on the traditional accounting and departmental architecture.

ADempiere is one of sourceforge. net’s most active projects with a thriving and active community. This ensures that the project will exist and continue to grow. This also ensures that any bugs that may exist will be discovered and resolved quickly.

With implementations being carried out on a global scale (from Germany to Ecuador), ADempiere is quickly becoming the premier ERP solution


ADempiere has all the capabilities you’d expect from a world-class ERP

  • Accounting AR/AP/GL: Multiple accounting schemas in multiple currencies, document controlled account processing, full and detailed audit trails, performance analysis and reporting.
  • Sales (Quotes, Proposals, POS, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Invoicing)
  • Purchasing (Requisitions, RfQ, Purchase Orders, Material Reciepts, Invoicing)
  • Inventory/Warehouse Control: Products, Bills of Materials, inventory tracking and control, costing, production management, planning
  • Replenishment, Stock Movements, Stock Counts
  • Price List Generation
  • CRM: Customer and contact data, customer requests, prospect tracking, credit rules, etc.
  • Projects and service management.
  • Financial Reporting
  • Dashboard KPIs
  • Workflow Management: Customizable workflows with strong data and document creation and approval processes that can be molded around customer business processes
  • Bill of Materials
  • Time and Billing
  • Cash and Bank Management
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll

Platform Features

  • Database Independence: While not yet fully independent, ADempiere is moving towards full database independence. At the moment, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL are supported.
  • Flexible Platform - Multi: Organization, Currency, Accounting, Tax, & Language
  • Fully Customizable: Functionality, Fields, Reporting, & Interface
  • Mobile / Browser Access
  • Flexible Import and Export
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Secure, Role Based Access and Logging
  • Multiple User Interfaces & Accounts

ADempiere ERP 3.9.0 Demo

Initially you can log into the system with the following users:

User Password

GardenAdmin GardenAdmin

GardenUser GardenUser

SuperUser System

System System

Please be aware that all data entered and all modifications are DELETED regularly. If you wish to try ADempiere for a longer period of time please download and install locally.

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